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A bit of interest:

 The most important properties of concrete:

  1. Strength: Concrete has very good strength properties. After the right composition and curing at the right time, concrete can develop high compressive strength.

  2. Durability: Concrete is a durable material that resists the effects of weather, corrosion and other deterioration processes. Therefore, it is often used for the construction of buildings, bridges and infrastructure projects.

  3. Flexibility: Fresh concrete is very flexible, easy to pour and mold. When it solidifies, it loses its elasticity, but still withstands the load relatively well.

  4. Fire resistance: Concrete has good fire resistance properties. It does not melt or break down easily at high temperatures, which contributes to the fire safety of buildings.

  5. Sound insulation: Concrete has good sound insulation properties. It holds back sound, which reduces noise pollution and improves the interior comfort of buildings.

  6. Thermal insulation: Although concrete is basically a good thermal conductor, special thermal insulation materials can be used in the concrete mix to improve the thermal insulation properties.

  7. Water resistance: Properly prepared concrete has waterproof properties, which allows the construction of waterproof structures such as pools, tanks or tunnels.

  8. Environmentally friendly: Concrete is basically an environmentally friendly material as it is made from natural materials such as cement and gravel. However, the production of cement involves CO2 emissions, so recycling and environmentally friendly production methods are important for sustainability.

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