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Minden faház alapja

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Kerti faházak, szerszámtárolók, kocsibeállók, garázs minőségi, megbízható alapozása, rövid határidővel.​



Precíz munkavégzés

Rövid határidő


Faházak, fémházak, szerszámtárolók, könnyűszerkezetes házak, kocsibeállók, medencék, jakuzzik lemezalap kivitelezését vállaljuk  az ország bármely pontján.

Megbízható, precíz munkavégzés, garanciával!

Cégünk a legjobb alapanyagokkal dolgozik, fagyásgátló betonadalékszer hozzáadásával téli kivitelezés is garantált.

Több mint 15 éve a szakmában, és 5 éve kizárólag lemezalapok elkészítésére vagyunk optimalizálva.

Számos kivitelező csaptatunknak köszönhetően rövid átfutási idővel tudjuk vállalni betonalapok kivitelezését.

Kérjen ajánlatot ingyen, fél perc alatt. 48 órán belül e-mailben megkeressük elkészített ajánlatunkkal.

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Concrete Texture
  • What size vehicle are they arriving in?
    Truck dimensions: width: 210 cm, length 550 cm, height 230 cm.
  • Do they need water?
    In all cases, we need the possibility of taking water on site. We have our own slag, with different connection variations. A total of 70 meters of slag is available, if the water supply is at a greater distance from the work area, please let us know in advance, otherwise the execution of the work may fail due to reasons beyond our control.
  • How thick is the concrete?
    Standard concrete construction is approximately 13 cm thick, with ~17 cm recess in the bar base.
  • What quality do they provide?
    It is made of C20 concrete compressive strength class material. A flat mesh is placed over the entire surface of the concrete.
  • Is there a guarantee after making concrete?
    After the concrete is finished, it is the responsibility of the owner to protect it. Unfortunately, we cannot assume responsibility if animals or objects come onto the surface of the concrete and leave a mark on its surface. In other respects, we offer a 5-year guarantee for the work performed.
  • What preliminary work is required before concreting?
    The condition for soil work before concreting is that the terrain is cleared, other objects cannot complicate the work. The removal and relocation of existing buildings, trees, bushes, vegetation, garden furniture, tiles, and piles of bricks is not part of our offer.
  • Will the excavated land be transported?
    The removal of excavated soil is not part of our offer. The excess soil is collected a few meters from the concrete.
  • Is home renovation support available?
    Please let us know in advance if you are going to use the home renovation grant. We cannot issue it subsequently, as the issuing of invoices also differs from the general one.
  • How long can the size of the surface to be concreted be changed once the order has been placed?"
    The dimensions of the work already under order can no longer be changed three days before the agreed execution date.
  • What are the consequences if I do not provide real data when requesting a quote?
    Since the total amount and raw materials are calculated based on the data submitted when requesting a quote, it is important to receive real data for the questions asked in the form. If we are confronted with clear misrepresentation on the day of construction, we can refuse the construction in that case. If they insist on the execution, depending on the amount of incorrect data provided, of course after discussion with the customer: 15-30% extra costs will be charged. In this case, we will only start the work after the agreement.
  • What happens if I insist on a solution different from their activity?
    In the case of extra requests, we cannot guarantee executions not recommended by us.
  • What is the maximum area that can be concreted?
    We can create a surface of any size under 25 square meters. Due to technical reasons, it is not possible for us to design slab foundations over 25 square meters, so it is worth expecting a negative answer in any case, if the request for an offer does take place.
  • What does the offer include?
    Our offer includes earthwork, if the soil does not actually slope more than 7cm per meter. If it exceeds this, mechanical earthwork will be required, which requires further consultation. Includes making the formwork, setting exact dimensions and diagonals. The concrete concreting and the smoothing of its surface.
  • Do I need to be there during the execution?
    Certainly to an authorized person with whom we can consult before starting the work. The work does not require additional supervision, it takes 4-5 hours for the concrete base to take its final form. Of course, it is recommended to be there even after the work is done, to receive the finished product.
  • Is it possible to concrete in winter?
    Despite cooler times, if you want to carry out the work, you don't have to worry about the quality of the work done. The work can be done safely by adding hot water down to the -5 degree limit or using a setting accelerator. The water is heated with a flow-through water heater, which we provide. In this case, we will need an electrical network on site.
  • Would I like to know the details of the contractor?
    Imre Balogh is an individual entrepreneur. Address: Budapest Szélmalom utca 50/A. 1181 Hungary Tax number: 59508098-1-43 From September 1, 2022, we can only issue invoices to residential customers.
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